Friday, September 20, 2013

Neighborhood Looks Familiar

Another solar orbit on my chart
This makes sixty two in total as part
Of however many more I've left to go
And makes the most of those I'll know

Now that's okay, my life is good
And getting better as it should
I've taken care of this old shell
It will continue to serve me well

I have some loves and a good soul
My friends contribute and make me whole
A strong heart beats within my chest
What is left to come?  My best.

Love to all the Universe.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Indeed it can

Life can be grand when two are a pair
Wherever we are is fun when we're there

Enjoying a walk or hearing a song
Holding a hand or singing along
Cooking a meal made simply and clean
A salad that's made to be eaten and seen

A movie creates a sense of the past
A future that's rosy, a present that's cast
Out before us like a sun dappled lake
Be just in the moment, don't worry, don't take

This time now for granted
It's too soon to end
Keep loving the friendship
Keep loving the friend.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pro and Amateur Nouns

When I cook, I am cooking for "US"
Because I am an inclusive, loving old cuss
I do not exist to be separate, alone
If that were the case, I'd carry no phone
Oh no, there's much more to life than just "me"
Let's demonstrate and explore the magic word "WE"

"WE" provides unity and a feeling of strength
"WE" extends reach and adds to our length
"WE" is a wonderful word of relating
"WE"  in the context of two is elating
Meaning together and oneness, no longer apart
"WE" gives deep meaning to a loving man's heart

The words "me" and "mine" are selfish and shallow
Reflecting a heart and a mind that are fallow
Believing that self is the end all in life
When actually self is what causes all strife

I choose "US" and "OURS" for they are so cool
In a  world of us humans they truly do rule
And so I shall close this paean to "WE"
No ifs, ands or buts - "WE'RE" way more than "me"

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cigar Free

One year today since I put them away
And gave them a final goodbye
Don't miss them, it seems, no longer in dreams
The choice was to breathe or to die

My singing had lost all its power
No range and the tone was absurd
Not to mention the fact that it's spendy as hell
And I'd always smell like a turd

So kudos to me for achieving
A milestone of some meaning to me
As far as addiction to tobacco is concerned
I rejoice in today being free

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No Title Needed

When I first saw your face
It was familiar
I recognized you
Although we had never met

When I first saw your face
It was as if I was home
I knew where stuff was and what was in the cabinets
Although we had never met

When I first saw your face
I felt as though I had been found
After being lost in the woods for a long time
Although we had never met

Peace is in me and in my spirit.
And now we have met.