Friday, January 31, 2014


The beauty of a snowy wisp blown from a laden tree
Creates a sense of wondrous  awe  deep inside of me
As if the earthly spirit from which all  life takes wing
Is purposed in her playfulness, engaging me to sing

In gratitude for all that is, in sight and sight unseen
For blessings giv'n so many ways, what is and might have been
For what we have and who we love and those who love us yet 
And all of those who've come before and those we haven't met

For what we don't  have and don't need, I'm grateful for that too
A complication I don't want - my simpler point of view
I'm grateful for the Lord's great plan and grateful to be part
Of this journey we are on,the beating of my heart

Then when the day comes I shall leave and return to where we go
My gratitude shall be recalled by those who knew me so
And they shall speak of me in ways to make me weep and smile
For they'll  be grateful to the Lord that I have been here for awhile

For KA