Friday, December 25, 2009

To Play The Role

The daycare was filled with kids young and old
As Santa strode in from the snow and the cold
And all of their eyes beheld him in red
Lit up their faces, no words were yet said

With a “Ho ho ho” Santa was there!
At their little daycare with nary a care
He’d come just to see them to bring them a smile
Took time to stop in and chat for awhile

Their eyes were like saucers, so big and so round
They stood and they looked and gaped at the mound
Of red suit and hat, big beard and black belt
The love welled right up and he thought he might melt

And he became Santa, the jolly old elf
He loved each and every one little self
To see adoration and know it can be
A good thing or bad thing, it was all up to me

My best I put forth, to allow them to see
The beauty of Christmas and all it can be
For it is when we give with no thought of return
That love rushes forth and in one’s heart does burn

The clear and distilled message today
To love each and everyone passing our way
And as I waved goodbye and said my farewells
They called “Merry Christmas” and jingled some bells

As I walked along and went out to my sleigh
Santa stayed with me throughout all the day
e is a real person you know
He is in all of us if we just let him show.

Thank you Santa. Merry Chirstmas. ©

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Anthology - Part Eight - Merry Christmas to all.

So closing this extended verse, I wonder how to do
The lessons in the prophecies, the Gospels are for you
And me to learn the truth of Christ, the reason that He came
Was more to know a giving God than just to know His name.

His mother Mary, bless her heart, gave Jesus human life
She nourished Him and brought Him forth and then became a wife.
And mother too, to Him, her Son, a most important job
For mothers love, that’s what they do, it’s why their hearts do throb.

Now Joseph gave his trust to God, that all would turn out right
He listened when he was spoken to and heard from God at night.
He set the tone for family life. He was a grateful man.
For all that he’d been given, he knew it was God’s plan.

For this is what it’s all about, the giving part I mean
If you’ll recall the animals around the manger scene
What could they give? An animal? Why, they provided heat.
It’s what they had, it’s what they could and did provide that’s sweet.

The shepherds came with nothing but their wonder and their awe
Which proved to be quite the gift when they realized what they saw
The Magi gave their earthly gifts with homage and respect
Two very important things to give to those whom we neglect.

Of all these words and all this talk, my point is overdue
The reason for the season is God’s gift to you
The gift He sent, the greatest prize, to you and me and all
That we may know and worship Him for that is our great call.

Merry Christmas.

And Happy Birthday to you, my dear Robin - December 23

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Anthology - Part Seven

So off they went, the three of them, in search of Son of Man
And when they found the place He was, their gifts they gave began
The tradition we still do today. The tradition done with love
When we give gifts at Christmas time, we honor God above.

They gave Him frankincense, a spice from far and long away
And myrrh, a similar thing to use to freshen up the day
And gold they gave, in homage to the one they’d come to find
For wise they were and generous too as well as very kind.

The night they left, they had a dream, a kind of sleep alarm
That Herod, the Roman king was planning to do harm
To the newborn king and so they went and took another route
And headed home by a different road on which was no pursuit

Remember now, that Herod knew that Christ was borne a king
He knew the town and had to act to save his royal ring.
And when he found the wise men gone without honoring his rule
He was quite mad, very much upset that he had been so fooled

He gave an evil order to protect himself and Rome.
Kill all the boys under two years old who make Bethlehem their home
But before the act was carried out, before the deed was done
Joseph had another dream to take his wife and son

To leave for Egypt, get out now and stay until you’re free
To come this way again as you return to live in Galilee.
They left there fast, they had no choice, their lives were in the hands
Of God himself. They trusted Him to guide them through the lands

This story of salvation is 2000 plus years plus old.
It is only the beginning of a story so often told
The story of the Son of God, sent here by His own call.
For us to hear His voice, His name, Jesus, Savior of us all.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Christmas Anthology - Part Six

From all of this and more, my friend, the Christ child does appear
With shepherds watching in their fields and angels singing clear
“We bring great joy to all today, for in King Davids town
A Savior borne in Bethlehem shall be in a manger found.”

They hurried off and found in peace the child asleep on straw
They knelt in awed amazement from what they’d heard and saw
And when they left they told their friends about the new borne child
And all who heard their holy tale took comfort for awhile.

For life was hard back then and there, it was uncertain what would be
The Romans ruled with iron fists from across the deep blue sea
Any talk of kings from other lands or references to change
Were dealt with quickly and with force and hence came this arrange.

Three wise men came into the land in answer to the call
To pay homage to the King of Kings, born in the manger stall
When they arrived they went to see King Herod. It was he
Who asked who they were looking for and what they knew, you see.

And when he heard they’d come to find the one whose star had shown
King of the Jews, the Christ child borne, he vowed to make it known
That nothing would become of this, he’d finish it today
Telling them to return with news he sent them on their way.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Christmas Anthology - Part Five

With child was she as yet unwed, a shameful state to be
But God was with them and her betrothed a dream of faith had he
“Be not afraid to take the woman into your home as wife
For the child within is of the Spirit and through Him you will gain life.”

The holy texts predict this all, they reference these affairs
Not just once but many times down through the many years
How can it be, unless it’s true, these common parts and threads
Of age old books and long told lore from many hearts and heads.

I’ve said before in written form about the trip of birth
From Nazareth to Bethlehem the couple walked the earth
On sandaled feet, they trod the ground from one place to the next
Together walking, hand in hand, in fulfillment of the text

The birth to be in Bethlehem, they did not know the why
Only that the rulers there had made them all comply
To return to where they had been born for census, the decree
Of Caesar simply to be counted where their home was thought to be.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Anthology - Part Four

There were fourteen generations with Abram at the start
To David and a kingly rule with God deep in his heart
And another twenty eight then came with various depths of love
For God’s divine countenance, His blessings from above

The anointed one was going to come and emulate a ram
With warlike and rebellious ways. He wouldn’t be a lamb.
A Messiah made of flesh and bone. Immanuel shall fight
And throw off the Roman yoke of rule. He would have the might.

God came to Zechariah and inspired him to seek
His dear old wife Elizabeth and with her not be meek
She became with child, the foretold John, the man to go before
And make way the path for the one called Christ, to open up the door.

Now, six months passed, an angel came to Mary making plans
To wed the good man Joseph, a worker with his hands
The angel said to her with love, Hail Mary full of grace
God favors you ,His child within, He smiles upon your face.

I am afraid was her reply to which the angel said
Worry not, my dear, dear one and rest your weary head
For you’ve been chosen as the one upon which your faith dwells
To be the mother of the Son Most High, the one Immanuel

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Christmas Anthology - Part Three

The Christmas star shown near and far, a most surprising sight
For learned ones who knew the paths of nightly things of light
What’s this? They thought – what does it mean? Is this an omen dire?
Or is it just some foolish thing? A ball of skyward fire?

What’s that you say? A king is borne? Someone to rule the Jews?
That could be bad for us and them. What else is there of news?
Their holy texts foretell this thing? Is that what’s being said?
We’d better check, put out the word, this king is better dead.

Judea was, by all accounts, the land God gave, His ration
For they’d been freed, from slavery bound, to become a godly nation
His covenant, His promise made to provide them of their needs
With land to graze, good water, fruit and soil to sow their seeds.

So there they’d lived, for many years, through times of peace and strife
Many generations came and went and God stayed in their life
King David came, the good king ruled ‘til old age took its toll
Jerusalem he built to be God’s city made of gold

The temple there, so grand and rich, rose regal, high and white
And travelers came from far away to worship at its light
As time went on, God’s people there forgot from whence they’d come
The strife and hardship they’d endured became a silent hum.

This happens too, these days for us, it’s easy to be vain.
We think about the stuff we have, no longer are we sane.
The wants, not needs, the toys, the cars – as if it’s all expected.
We gain the world and lose our souls, God starts to be neglected.

Prophecies foretold the Christ, the child born on that day
They also had foretold the piece King David’s throne would play
Descendant of the great, good king the child would have a link
To rule divinely given, an important piece I think.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Christmas Anthology - Part Two

In testaments from long ago as we see time to measure
Shepherds tell of God’s own words come to them as treasure
The day will come, you shall not know but it will come, be sure
When God shall walk the earth as man, His wisdom shall be pure

Manger born in Bethlehem, even that part was foreseen
A census sent them to the inn, though borne a Nazarene
The town was full, the count afoot, no place to lay a head.
A stable stall, a mat of straw was Mary’s birthing bed.

As night fell cold and clear and bright, her ordeal was at hand
To culminate the tales long told, a Christ child to the land
Obediently, her husband there, did foster to her needs
The child, though theirs, was not of him, his trust in God exceeds

Our own, for were we called to bow and take his place
Not one of us would likely have his devotion, love – his grace.

The night wore on, the darkness deep, no moon that night was there
The livestock lowed and pawed the ground, instinctively aware
Their warmth they gave, it’s all they had to give the little child
Enough it was, though be it cold, the manger became mild.

Within His mothers arms they watched, a cause for glee and laughter
He squirmed and fed and went to sleep and so did they soon after
And others came, to mark the day as on their knees they fell.
For in the east, a star rose full, a sign Immanuel.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Christmas Anthology - Part One

There are eight parts to this anthology. It was written in December 2005 in five days. Each time I sat down to write, the words flew from my fingers. This is not of me. I was simply the conduit.
Around the first of Christmas, an angel came to say
A child will come to Bethlehem, a virgin birth this day
Be not afraid, O chosen one, through you our Lord is born
In fulfillment of the ancient words, His star will light the morn

In all the ancient Hebrew texts, a theme runs loud and clear
A Son will come to right the faith, a Son whom we will hear
God’s promise made whole in His own time. For who’s time is it at all?
Do we suppose to make it ours? Do we think God’s that small?

The maker of the earth and stars. Of atoms, quarks and space
The trees, the seas and mountaintops, each special in their place

Do you say, “No, it cannot be.”? It must be myth and fable.
A God that made both you and me would never take the label
Of human being, with faults galore. So glaringly apparent.
A servant born a bastard child? A virgin as a parent?

Wait and see, my doubtful friend, it’s a story told in tales
Of prophecy from early on – from birth to three large nails
And leading up to Christmas morn, this story will continue
It bears retelling every year. God in flesh and bone and sinew.