Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bridgett is One!

A year one birthday poem for grand daughter Bridgett
    A gift more long lasting than a green colored widget

I thought of a what-not;  it would have been nice
But then for a what-not you have to raise mice
     A cute little doo-dad would have been good
But doo-dads grow up and like to chew wood

How about a red gimcrack?   Might that do the trick?
     As I looked at them though, I just couldn't pick
There were too many to choose from and all were so cute
     But there sat a gizmo, a real gizmo beaut!

As gizmos go, it was one of the best
      But you know about gizmos, they always move west
And break your heart when they call you at night
     To feed you sob stories and tales of their plight

So then I decided to be simple, honey
My gift, my dear Bridgett, is a bundle of money.

Love forever